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All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Can You Say Yes to Any of These Statements?

What an exciting time, so much to do and so little time to do it all. Choosing a wedding officiant to make your wedding ceremony as stress-free as possible is easy.  Can you say yes to any of the following statements?

  • You are atheist, agnostic or humanist and don’t know how to find a wedding officiant that will respect your choices.​
  • You are an non-traditional couple and want a non-traditional ceremony to reflect your interests.​
  • You are a same sex couple and want to be honored and treated with dignity by your officiant.​
  • Your wedding is a themed wedding and you want your ceremony to reflect your theme.​
  • You want your ceremony to be just as geeky, and off beat as you are.​
  • You come from two very different faith backgrounds or cultures and want to respectfully honor both during your ceremony.

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You want all of this to be true about your wedding day:

  • “We got so many compliments from our wedding guest on our ceremony”    Robert and Roberta
  • “Made the effort to truly get to now you and your partner and will create the most intimate ceremony for you”  Misha and Seth
  • “This was one of the best wedding related decisions we made.”   Jenn and Alan
  • “The ceremony was amazing!”   Ashley and Erin
  • “Those 30 minutes remind you of why you fell in love”  Paola and Taylor
  • “So many compliments from guests letting us know they had never heard a ceremony as personalized as ours.” Brieann and  Sage
  • “Months later, our wedding guests are still commenting on how beautiful the ceremony was”  Alan and Jenn
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Services and Packages

All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Your marriage is the lifetime you have ahead of you, your wedding is the day set aside to celebrate this marriage! While you are busy planning the perfect ceremony you understand the importance of the relationship and why you chose one another to marry.  You want to focus on the relationship right now while also planning your future together. Setting goals, developing a plan to achieve those goals, and learning new skills in order to grow your relationship are all important to each of you.

We can help you have the couple centered custom written ceremony that will have your guest knowing more about you and talking about how perfect the ceremony reflected your love. Your ceremony will be the central point of your wedding day, setting the tone for the day. You will be reminded of the love you share and why you want to spend the rest of your life together.


Maya Angelou once said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Your wedding ceremony can make family and friends feel a deeper connection to you, provide them with a better understanding of the depth of your love and commitment to one another when it is a professionally crafted and delivered ceremony. A well done, couple centered ceremony is one that will be remembered.

“Allow you to explore the different emotions you want to evoke during the ceremony.”  Nick and Carly

All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

To Infinity and Beyond

While planning a couple centered, custom ceremony together All Faiths Wedding Officiants and you will learn more about your relationship through our Marriage Education Program.  You will use the months leading up to your ceremony to explore your strengths and learn new relationship skills. The online assessment will provide many opportunities for deep discussions.After your wedding, during your first year of marriage we provide you with three additional relationship coaching sessions. These will guide you as you review where you have been and plan your future together.
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All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Couple's Choice

While you are working with All Faiths Wedding Officiants to plan your ceremony that is a reflection of your love and beliefs, a ceremony your guests will be talking about for months to come, you want to make sure you have a firm ground on which you are building your marriage. The exploration of your relationship will help you better understand each other, develop stronger relationship skills, while learning the strengths and growth areas you each are bringing to the marriage. You will be doing the work of deepening your intimacy, increasing communication skills and learning more about marriage.
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All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

I Do

Your ceremony will reflect your beliefs, love, interests and your unique relationship.  It will be as off beat, unique and geeky as you are or very traditional or somewhere in between.  You guide the process by providing All Faiths Wedding Officiants with the information you want to share with your guests. Your completely unique ceremony will have your guest talking about it as the most beautiful and unique ceremony they have ever attended. You will be reminded of why you fell in love and want to spend the rest of your life together.
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“Every guest I spoke to afterwards said the ceremony was the best part of the wedding, even better than an open bar!”  Angela and Brandon

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All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad
Norse Wedding

“Took the time to understand our needs and customized our ceremony flawlessly”  Tamika and Doug

Meet Our Officiants

All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Service has always been an important part of the Grimes family values. They have been finding and meeting the needs of their community for years.  Call now to schedule a meeting with Jac and Liz to learn how you can have them for your ceremony!  336-937-0890

Wedding officiant performing ceremony

Jac Grimes

Jac brings his quirky, dry sense of humor to his work. His love of all things science fiction began as a young adult.  He saw Star Wars only 27 times in the theater the first year it came out in 1977! Jac is able to easily relate to people from many different life pathways.  He is able to provide a serious, comforting presence, being the non-anxious presence needed during times of stress.  He can also break that stress with a well-placed joke or bad pun.

Plus… Jac had this seriously epic House Targaryen sigil ring that definitely let me know these were my kind of quirky people.

Shelby and Carol crying during ceremony

Liz Grimes

Jac describes Liz as a feisty workaholic. Liz loves working with people. No matter what she is doing, she gives it her all.  She immerses herself into causes close to her heart.  And don’t tell her No!  She will prove that it can be done and she will do it! In addition to her work as a wedding officiant, Liz has been active in social justice work most of her life.

Look no further, Rev. Liz Grimes was amazing to work with from the day we first met her for a consultation up until our wedding day. You can tell how passionate she is about her job.

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All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

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All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

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