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 Jac and Liz Grimes have always done things a bit different from most of their friends. When they got married, last century, they had no real input into what would be said in their ceremony. They don’t want you to have that same very forgettable wedding ceremony experience! Therefore, they did something to make sure it won’t happen to you!

Service has always been an important part of the Grimes family values. Finding unmet needs in the community and meeting them has been something they have done for years.

Jac looked for what his community needed and then worked to provide it. After years of serving the community’s needs in the entertainment field through the operation of a family owned video store in his small hometown followed by years of providing transportation to special needs children for school field trips, Jac was ready to look at other ways he could serve the larger community. 

As Jac shared his desire to find new ways to serve the community with friends, his close friend, Bonnie, suggested he explore what he would need to do in order to be  a wedding officiant. In her work as a clerical stole designer, Bonnie heard  from many ministers how they were turning away work. She was aware of Jac’s background in public speaking, his ability to craft and lead beautiful worship services and his interest in world religions. As Bonnie talked, Jac realized that this would be a wonderful way to serve the larger community.  

He discussed this idea with a close friend from Vancouver, Washington who was a wedding officiant there. Rev. Figley immediately told Jac that he thought this would be a wonderful opportunity. He guided Jac in ways to explore the laws in North Carolina. Jac brought his business background to bear through his market research and discovered a lack of officiants willing to do the very ceremonies that he yearned to do.

“So many compliments from guests letting us know they had never heard a ceremony as personalized as ours.” Brieann and  Sage

In the summer of 2011, All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad was born! Jac was right, there was a big need for officiants willing to do off beat, geeky and themed weddings as well as those accepting of same sex couples and those from inter-faith and multi-cultural backgrounds. Even though Marriage Equality had not yet become law, couples wanted to be sure their loved ones would be accepted and honored at their weddings. Same sex couples were looking for ways to honor their love and celebrate their relationship, something Jac was happy to do for them.

As the need for his services grew, it was not long before demand outstripped his ability to meet it as a one person operation. He convinced Liz, his wife of many many years, to bring her expertise in religious education and faith development to the company and work with him. She joined him full time in the fall of 2013.

As their business grew, their involvement in the larger wedding professional community grew. They are now members of the Triad Bridal Association, the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants, the Association of Bridal Consultants as well as local networking organizations. They continue to gain skills and knowledge about current wedding trends by attending conferences, participating in on line learning opportunities and reading as much as they can.

Since 2011, Jac and Liz have performed over 600 unique couple centered wedding ceremonies. They look forward to many more to come!  Your ceremony can be one of the next ones they do—-call them today at 336-937-0890 or contact them today!

Rev. Jac Grimes

Jac brings his quirky, dry sense of humor to his work. His love of all things science fiction began as a young adult.  He saw Star Wars only 27 times in the theater the first year it came out in 1977! Jac is able to easily relate to people from many different life pathways.  He is able to provide a serious, comforting presence, being the non-anxious presence needed during times of stress.  He can also break that stress with a well-placed joke or bad pun.

Jac has been involved in many different activities and causes over the years. He has owned Jeeps and other 4-wheel drive vehicles most of his adult life.  As a young married couple, he and Liz were off road racers, enjoying weekends camping and racing.  He was an avid motorcyclist for many years.

Jac has taken up photography as a hobby and is taking classes at GTCC.

Involvement in social justice causes has also been an important part of Jac’s life.  He taught First Aid through the American Red Cross for several years.  He is also a blood donor, making his donations as often as allowed.  His involvement in supporting Gay Rights included leading the work of The Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro becoming a Welcoming Congregation, the process of making certain that members of the LGBTQ community were fully welcomed, accepted and included in the full life of the congregation. He was also involved in the March on Washington in 1991.  Locally he was also involved in the fight against AIDS. 

In the 80’s and 90’s Jac was very active in child welfare as an adoptive and foster father.  He spoke at many national gatherings, working to educate professionals and families and advocating for the rights of children in need of permanent homes. In the 32 years that he and Liz were foster parents, they had 64 children.

He is also a professional Santa, giving many hours of joy to local charities. He also is a big part of many family’s holiday memories through home visits, family parties, local parades, the Fox 8 Concert Series and corporate events. He is the Santa for the Novant Health Thanksgiving Day Parade in Charlotte and the Thomasville Christmas Parade. He was Chairman of the Board of both the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas, and the Fraternal Order of Real Bearded Santas. He founded a local Santa networking organization the Long Leaf Pine Santas and is co-chair of their annual Santa’s Business Roundtable. He was selected to appear in the December 2017 issue of Our State Magazine as one of the Premiere Santas in the state and has been nominated for the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame.

As a trombone player, he worked with other local jazz musicians and co-founded the Kings of Swing Jazz Orchestra. He is an active member of the Triad Jeep Club.

Jac served in many leadership capacities in the Greensboro Unitarian Universalist Church. His work on the Worship committee  informs his work developing and writing meaningful beautiful ceremonies.  His time as Board Member and President of the Congregation provided opportunities to work with others toward a common goal, which is helpful in working with other professionals to provide a couple with the ceremony they want.

Jac is able to bring all of his life experience and knowledge to each and every wedding ceremony he writes.  He can incorporate the fun and quirky quotes, thoughts and ideas while keeping the ceremony feeling traditional. He can also create a completely off beat non-traditional ceremony. His knowledge and appreciation of many different cultures and faith backgrounds allows him to work with a couple to incorporate their faith in respected and honored ways.

 Jac is a member of the American Humanist Association, American Association of Wedding Officiants and Triad Bridal Association. Now, when he is not busy working his wedding business, he and Liz enjoy taking their camper to the Outer Banks or the lake and hanging out with their dog, Pal, or their 6 children or 8 grandchildren.

Rev. Liz Grimes

Jac describes Liz as a feisty workaholic. Liz loves working with people. No matter what she is doing, she gives it her all.  She immerses herself into causes close to her heart.  And don’t tell her No!  She will prove that it can be done and she will do it!

​In addition to her work as a wedding officiant, Liz has been active in social justice work most of her life. As a teen Liz was a hospital volunteer and worked on the Greensboro Youth Council developing activities for the teens of her city. In the 1970’s Liz was an Advanced First Aid instructor through the American Red Cross, teaching first responders lifesaving skills, even though no one would hire a woman to actually do what she was teaching others to do.

She has served as an advocate for children in foster care, and adoptive families, serving on national boards working to increase awareness and services to children.  In addition to being an adoptive mother, Liz and Jac have also parented 64 foster children over the 32 years they were licensed foster parents.

She has been a longtime advocate for people living with HIV and LGBTQ rights. She was a founding Board member of the Piedmont Area Response Team, an organization to provide support to families living with HIV/AIDS. She is currently serving as treasurer for Alternative Resources of the Triad, sponsor of Greensboro Pride.

In addition to her commitment to making the world a better place, Liz loves camping and being outdoors. She and Jac were off road racers in their early marriage (before children), spending most weekends camping and enjoying the company of others with like interests. Her favorite campsites always overlook water, either a lake or the ocean.

She has a real passion for the work she does and creates a close connection to the couples she works with. She has a real knack for blending nontraditional elements into a ceremony that otherwise looks very traditional. She also loves to help couples create an offbeat, quirky or themed wedding that reflects their commitment and values. She has a closet full of Renaissance inspired clothes for themed weddings.

Liz is also active with local government. She is serving on the Steering Committee for Participatory Budgeting, a process to encourage citizen involvement in community spending for neighborhood projects.

Liz Grimes has been officiating weddings since 2013 when she moved from serving congregations to working directly one on one with couples and families. She loves working with families to bring children into the ceremony and make them an integral part of the day’s events.  She can accommodate children of different ages and needs into one smooth ceremony.

When asked who her ideal wedding couple is she says, “My ideal couple sees the ceremony as the reason for the celebration. They want a ceremony that is just as special and unique as they are! “

​She holds ordinations from All Faiths Church of Vancover, Washington and the Church of Spiritual Humanism. She attended Guilford College and is a credentialed religious educator through the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Liz is a member of the American Humanist Association, Triad Bridal Association where she serves on the Executive Committee, the American Association of Wedding Officiants, the Association of Bridal Consultants, the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants and the Church of Spiritual Humanism.   ​

When not performing wedding ceremonies, Liz enjoys spending time with Jac and their dog, Pal, camping.  She also enjoys time with her children and grandchildren.

“Months later, our wedding guests are still commenting on how beautiful the ceremony was”  Alan and Jenn

Why Chose All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad?

There are other choices for an officiant for your wedding.  Why should you work with us?

“We are so glad we found Liz and Jac! They were wonderful and supportive to work with during our premarital counseling. They have so much experience working with couples and bring just the right amount of humor into the mix!” Roberta and Robert

All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad
All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Experienced professionals

Our commitment to professionalism is evident in our work. Our adherence to the code of ethics of professional organizations and ongoing education ensures that you are working with officiants that are committed to you! We are the only local officiants who are members of Triad Bridal Association, the Association of Bridal Consultants,  AND the International Association of Professional Wedding Officiants. All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad are the only officiants in the Greensboro/High Point/Winston Salem area to win the Couple’s Choice Award from WeddingWire AND The Best of the Knot for the past 3 years!
All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Commitment to You!

We work closely with you to ensure that your ceremony is exactly what you want.  Your story and love is represented in the way that is important to you so that your guests go home knowing more about you than when they arrived.  With complete edit power you have no surprises in your ceremony on your wedding day.  Contact us today to learn more about how your guest can learn even more about your love.
All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Planning Resources for You

You have access to our extensive resource library on our website.  Guidance on writing your own vows or picking from an extensive list, readings and quotes are all available to you.  Choices for unity ceremonies, with information about when they are right for a couple and how to customize them for you are right here for you.
All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Culturally Competent

Your culture and religious background will be respected and honored. Your customs and beliefs will be included in ways that are authentic to you. Our belief that all beliefs and love deserve to be honored is evident in the many inter-religious, multi-cultural ceremonies we have done, this allows you to relax and know that your ceremony is in good hands.
All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Understanding of family dynamics

Your unique family dynamics will be taken into consideration as we work on your ceremony.  Our background of working with families dealing with loss, trauma, adoption, foster care, special needs family members allows you to know that we can handle anything that comes up on your wedding day. Together, we can work to mitigate any potential problems and include family members in ways that are appropriate.
All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

Lots of positive reviews

We are the top reviewed wedding officiants in the Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem area.  Our happy couples have lead us to be awarded WeddingWire’s  Couples Choice Award 6 years in a row and The Best of The Knot for 4 years in a row, making us the only officiants in this area members of the Knot Hall of Fame.  We are the only officiants in the Triad area to win both of these honors. With all these great 5-star reviews you can be assured of great service, value for the dollar, professionalism and support to you.

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All Faith Wedding Officiants of the Triad

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