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Couple on a hike at the waterfalls

3 Ways to Protect Your Relationship

Set aside time together.  Do something that is not at all related to wedding planning or work.  This does not have to be expensive or far from home.  Find a trail you have never walked and take a stroll after dinner.  Pack a picnic and go to a park that is new to you.  Make…

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Ceremony continues with back up power after storm

How Professionals save Colton and Martha’s Wedding Day

What would you do if the weather forecast for your wedding day included the threat of severe thunderstorms with the possibility of tornadoes? If your ceremony was supposed to be held under an old beautiful oak tree? If the cocktail hour was scheduled to be held on the beautiful outdoor rooftop terrace overlooking rolling hills…

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How to Incorporate Your Theme in Your Wedding Ceremony

September 22, 2018 Liz Grimes Today’s wedding ceremonies offer so many wonderful opportunities to personalize them.  You are planning your wedding day around a theme, how can you include that theme in your ceremony might be one question you have. The answer will depend a lot on the theme you have chosen.  Here are some…

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5 Reasons to not hire a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

May 21, 2016  Liz Grimes 1 You know all the best wedding professionals in your area and don’t need anyone to give you recommendations.  Not every professional in any field is right for every couple or right for every event.  A planner can help you determine which professionals best match your personality, your vision, and…

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The Making of a Traditional Secular Ceremony

September 19, 2017  Liz Grimes Many love stories begin “Long ago and in a land far way” or “Once upon a time” or even “They met in high school”. Megan and Ben’s love story is a combination of those beginnings!  Long ago and in what now feels like a land far away, they met …in…

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Emily and Joe’s Unique Ceremony!

September 12, 2017  Liz Grimes On June 24, 2017 Emily and Joe shared their love and commitment with family and friends gathered at Emily’s father’s home.  Their love story is truly a one of a kind and was reflected in their wedding day!   They met 16 years ago at a Gold Wing Road Riders…

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Is It Too Hot for an Outdoor Ceremony?

May 22, 2018  Liz Grimes Summer is quickly approaching. It is not uncommon for the temperature in our area to reach the upper 90’s with heat index above 100, approaching 110.  These temperatures are dangerous.  It is easy for people to suffer from heat illness quickly. This is especially true for the elderly, people with…

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The Fairy Tale Wedding!

September 26, 2017  Liz Grimes The ceremony for Meara and Shane had many very traditional elements while also being totally different and representing the couple!  I originally met them at a wedding show and I knew right away I wanted to do their ceremony.  I told Meara when she approached our booth “I’m going to…

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They had no idea where to begin!

February 19, 2018   Liz Grimes Last year we were approached by a venue asking if we could do a Persian ceremony for a couple.  I responded that while we had never done such a ceremony, we would certainly be open to researching, learning and working with the couple to provide them with exactly what they…

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes in a Wedding Ceremony

What are the most common mistakes and problems that occur in a wedding ceremony. What we hear from other professionals are the following comments. The ceremony is too short! Your ceremony should reflect your love and values. A 4-minute-long ceremony can’t do that. Your guests barely get seated and the photographer get their camera focused…

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