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4 Ways to Keep Open Communication During Planning

Keeping everyone in the loop as you move forward with your wedding planning can be overwhelming. How can you let folks know what is happening, get invitations, save the dates, thank you cards, and other information shared?  Here are things couples do that works for them. You may find that combining these efforts pay off! …

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What is an elopement and how does it differ from a wedding?

It is easy to get confused with so many words about weddings.  Let’s look at what these words mean in the wedding world! We need to start with a basic understanding of some of the differences in what we are referring to: Wedding—A Wedding is when two people get married but for most folks the…

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What do all these words mean?

Wedding planning can be filled with a vocabulary you are not familiar with or that may have multiple meanings depending on who you are speaking with.  What do all these things mean and are they important?  What does each of them actually do? Marriage:   The legal joining of two people.  The couple gets a license…

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Wedding show booth of All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triadii

5 steps to getting the most benefit from wedding shows

If you are newly engaged you are probably anxious to get started on your planning and a wedding show would be the perfect place to meet area vendors.  It is a great place to begin the learning process of wedding planning.  You can also learn if your budget is realistic for the wedding you want. …

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What is the history behind some of the “Wedding Traditions”?

Do you really want to include them? Who gives this woman a way?  This term dates back through the centuries when women were considered property of their fathers and he would transfer ownership over to the husband.  Does anyone object?  This custom began when communication between towns was not certain and when travel was not…

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Are You Covered on Your Wedding Day?

Your wedding day is often one of the largest expenditures you will make, short of purchasing a home.  You would not consider spending as much money on a car or a home without insuring it.  Why will you spend that much money on a single day and not insure yourself? What will you do if…

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Same Sex couple during handfasting

Let’s Tie the Knot!

In ancient Celtic and Scandinavian cultures, a couple’s left hands were bound together as a symbol of the vows they were exchanging on their wedding day.  This tradition has grown, been adapted by many faith traditions and cultures.  The ceremony is called Hand-fasting. It is where the term “tie the knot” originated.  There are as…

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So, Your Best Friend Wants to do Your Wedding?

So, your best friend wants to get ordained on line and do your wedding?  You think this will save you some money on your wedding and get your friend involved in a personal way? Let’s think this through.  The wedding ceremony is the only required element of a wedding for the marriage to be legally…

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Mission Statements for Your Relationship

Mission Statements, we have all seen, perhaps even been involved in writing, mission statements for churches, non-profit organizations and corporations.  When I looked up the definition of a mission statement online, everything I found addressed business.  I had to go half way down the page to even find a mention of a personal mission statement…

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7 Simple Steps to Changing Your Name After Your Wedding

Congratulations on your marriage!  You have decided that you are going to change your name and are not sure where to begin.  Follow these easy steps and you will be on the right path.  The first 3 steps are in the order they must be completed.  After that, you can work on name change in…

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Can a backyard wedding save you money?

The answer to this question will depend on many factors.  How many guests will you have?  How much space do you have?  What are the resources you have at the home? Is the home set up for entertaining large groups? We hear from couples that they are going to do their wedding at their home…

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Social Opportunities for Newly Weds and Nearly Weds

Over the years we have heard from couples that they want opportunities to connect with other couples with similar interests and beliefs.  Some have said that they have many friends, but not many of them are married.  They know they face different issues and interests as a married couple and want to be able to…

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Carly and Josh sharing a drinnk

Dating After Being Engaged or Married

  It is hard to believe that it is already halfway through 2019!  Now is a great time to look at your relationship and decide how you can enrich it and deepen your intimacy.   This month we suggest that you return to actively dating again. Together, talk about the things you did together when you…

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10 Ways You Save Money on Your Wedding and Not Look or Feel Cheap?

  We all have budgets, whether it is for a wedding or monthly living expenses.  Planning a big event like a wedding really does require planning and budgeting.  All of us wedding professionals understand that every couple is working within a budget and we want to help you stay within the budget you have. Are…

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Hotel wedding

5 Reasons to Start Your Wedding on Time

  How many of us have received an invitation to a wedding that says it will be a 6 pm wedding and arrive in a timely fashion, get seated, and wait, and wait and wait?  The wedding did not start until 6:30 or later!  We just sat there for over 45 minutes waiting and not…

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Hndwashing demonstrates taking care of one anothere

Small Kindnesses Go a Long Way!

  Valentine’s Day is not the only day in the year that we should focus on love.  Every day should be Valentine’s Day! It is easy to let the daily routines and requirements get in the way of paying attention to our relationships.  Focusing on the people important to us, those we love and care…

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3 Things You Should Never Do for Yourself on Your Wedding Day!

  Be your own planner/coordinator This day is the day you have dreamed of.  Have someone else run the show, even if you did all the planning up to this point.  Enjoy your day instead of running around putting out the many small fires that always happen on wedding day.  Hire someone who knows what…

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Carly and Josh sharing a drinnk

Communication in your relationship

  We often hear from couples that they struggle with having open effective communication.  We hear about how they don’t feel like they are being heard or their feelings are not valued.  Other times we hear that it feels as if their partner is not truly listening but waiting to make a rebuttal.  How can…

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Winter Wedding at Summerfield Farms by All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad with Madelyn Yates

The 5 most common mistakes in a wedding ceremony

  The ceremony is too short!   Your ceremony should reflect your love and values.  A 4-minute-long ceremony can’t do that.  Your guests barely get seated and the photographer get their camera focused and the ceremony is over.   Yes, this happens! We know personally of one ceremony as a very exclusive venue that was 4 minutes from…

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Weather Conditions to Consider When Planning an Outdoor Wedding.

Summer is quickly approaching. It is not uncommon for the temperature in our area to reach the upper 90’s with heat index above 100, approaching 110.  These temperatures are dangerous.  It is easy for people to suffer from heat illness quickly. This is especially true for the elderly, people with chronic illness and the very…

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Couple on a hike at the waterfalls

3 Ways to Protect Your Relationship

Set aside time together.  Do something that is not at all related to wedding planning or work.  This does not have to be expensive or far from home.  Find a trail you have never walked and take a stroll after dinner.  Pack a picnic and go to a park that is new to you.  Make…

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Ceremony continues with back up power after storm

How Professionals save Colton and Martha’s Wedding Day

What would you do if the weather forecast for your wedding day included the threat of severe thunderstorms with the possibility of tornadoes? If your ceremony was supposed to be held under an old beautiful oak tree? If the cocktail hour was scheduled to be held on the beautiful outdoor rooftop terrace overlooking rolling hills…

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How to Incorporate Your Theme in Your Wedding Ceremony

September 22, 2018 Liz Grimes Today’s wedding ceremonies offer so many wonderful opportunities to personalize them.  You are planning your wedding day around a theme, how can you include that theme in your ceremony might be one question you have. The answer will depend a lot on the theme you have chosen.  Here are some…

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5 Reasons to not hire a Wedding Planner or Day of Coordinator

May 21, 2016  Liz Grimes 1 You know all the best wedding professionals in your area and don’t need anyone to give you recommendations.  Not every professional in any field is right for every couple or right for every event.  A planner can help you determine which professionals best match your personality, your vision, and…

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The Making of a Traditional Secular Ceremony

September 19, 2017  Liz Grimes Many love stories begin “Long ago and in a land far way” or “Once upon a time” or even “They met in high school”. Megan and Ben’s love story is a combination of those beginnings!  Long ago and in what now feels like a land far away, they met …in…

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Emily and Joe’s Unique Ceremony!

September 12, 2017  Liz Grimes On June 24, 2017 Emily and Joe shared their love and commitment with family and friends gathered at Emily’s father’s home.  Their love story is truly a one of a kind and was reflected in their wedding day!   They met 16 years ago at a Gold Wing Road Riders…

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Is It Too Hot for an Outdoor Ceremony?

May 22, 2018  Liz Grimes Summer is quickly approaching. It is not uncommon for the temperature in our area to reach the upper 90’s with heat index above 100, approaching 110.  These temperatures are dangerous.  It is easy for people to suffer from heat illness quickly. This is especially true for the elderly, people with…

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The Fairy Tale Wedding!

September 26, 2017  Liz Grimes The ceremony for Meara and Shane had many very traditional elements while also being totally different and representing the couple!  I originally met them at a wedding show and I knew right away I wanted to do their ceremony.  I told Meara when she approached our booth “I’m going to…

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They had no idea where to begin!

February 19, 2018   Liz Grimes Last year we were approached by a venue asking if we could do a Persian ceremony for a couple.  I responded that while we had never done such a ceremony, we would certainly be open to researching, learning and working with the couple to provide them with exactly what they…

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The 5 Most Common Mistakes in a Wedding Ceremony

What are the most common mistakes and problems that occur in a wedding ceremony. What we hear from other professionals are the following comments. The ceremony is too short! Your ceremony should reflect your love and values. A 4-minute-long ceremony can’t do that. Your guests barely get seated and the photographer get their camera focused…

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