We cannot recommend All Faiths enough… and 5 stars seems like a really low rating when I wish we could give them the countless stars from the heavens above. They were phenomenal and simply out of this world. We are eternally grateful for the job they did to make our wedding so much more than just an event. I cannot imagine doing or going to a wedding with anyone else officiating. We will recommend All Faiths to all we know planning on getting hitched. They are amazing people who we are deeply blessed to have met and shared our special day with. They made all the difference. They have left us with a lifetime memory that will be forever with us in our hearts and minds. Thank You Jac and Liz. We love you both dearly.

I met Jac and Liz at a wedding showcase at Castle McCulloch. Half hearted, I asked if they did same-sex weddings. We were having trouble finding officiants who did. We had really given up searching when we met All Faiths. Liz was quick to respond with business cards, and promos and their booth displayed all types of loving weddings. Of course they did. Love is Love and it was presented that way. Almost to the point I didn’t even notice the difference. There was no need to separate us into categories or label us with big pride rainbows… Love is love, and thats all that mattered. My mind was blown when she pointed out all the the same-sex wedding photos. We knew right away that we wanted All Faiths to do our wedding.

After setting up an appointment, we instantly fell in love with them. They were so friendly, and they welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. They have a passion for helping couples tie the knot and know its more than an event or piece of paper… Marriage is a living, breathing thing that requires constant love and care, support and nourishment. They are two of the most beautiful human beings that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was almost like meeting a dear friend whose been away along time, or meeting a family member you didn’t know you had… We felt a deep connection with them almost instantly…

All the guests, family, friends, well-wishers and the like… all disappear into the background when it comes time to make your vows. Its just you, your partner and Jac and/or Liz. They were no strangers to us and it made the moment so much more meaningful than some stranger reciting words from a book. They took the time to get to know us, to create a ceremony that fit us… that best represented our love and who we are, etc. Wedding days are almost always hectic, stressful with things rarely going as planned. However, our ceremony with them was like standing on a big rock in the middle of a raging river. A bubble, so to speak. It was comfortable and safe and nothing else mattered. It was a really personal, meaningful experience that we got to share with them and them with us. They have literally changed our lives forever and will remember them for the rest of our lives. Fancy flowers, expensive dresses, suits and matching clothes. Decorations and ideal locations are all well and good… but you will remember standing there… looking your partner in their eyes and you know that Jac and Liz are going to guide you through it all as meaningful and as painless as possible. We think the world of them and we hope that you will consider them for your wedding… Meeting them and hiring them was the wedding decision we ever made. And as for weddings go… it was the most important among them all.