Absolutely perfect!

I first met Jac and Liz at a wedding show, and immediately Liz and I hit it off! They were both so kind, helpful, and very unique individuals. They have an extremely welcoming presence, that you truly notice right away. Plus… Jac had this seriously epic House Targaryen sigil ring that definitely let me know these were my kind of quirky people.

Along with their amazing energy, I could not speak highly enough of their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to truly understand you and your partner. When we met for our meeting to discuss what we wanted out of our ceremony, it was very evident that choosing between the two of them for the ceremony was going to be an impossible task! They both ask questions that really allow you to explore the different emotions you want to evoke within the ceremony, and also allowed us to analyze our relationship on a deeper level. In the end, we left the choice up to change — by flipping a coin, and the coin chose Jac!

We were having a Lord of the Rings inspired ceremony, and Jac really amplified that in the best way. He was able to capture the different personalities my husband and I have, and put that into the ceremony. Along with the most spot on wording and quotes! From the wording of our ceremony when we received it, we could tell we made the best possible decision choosing All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad. So much effort was put into capturing us as a couple and the ceremony could not have been more perfect.

Jac & Liz are so responsive with questions, sending out helpful information, and tweaking anything you may see fit. Throughout our entire wedding planning process, we could truly lean on them for help and guidance with every element of the ceremony. They are truly exceptional human beings and amazing vendors to work with. We’re so glad we chose them for our wedding! They really make you feel a part of their family.

You could not pick better people to work with for your wedding! We are so grateful to the both of them for making our day what it is was.