Liz officiated our ceremony on 09/05/2020 at Bella Collina and was nothing short of a pleasure to work with! Her and her husband Jac make an incredible team! Prior to officiating our ceremony, my husband and I purchased a package with Liz and Jac that included marriage education curriculum and sessions that Liz and Jac held via Zoom. We really loved doing the curriculum and it was a joy spending those Zoom sessions with them! Throughout the sessions, I didn’t realize Liz was copiously taking notes of all the stories were were telling her of our relationship and when we ultimately received the ceremony draft we were blown away by how detailed her recollection was – and how she had incorporated many of the stories and details we told her during those sessions into the ceremony draft. Her draft was written as if she had known us for years and was so beautifully tailored to us – I could have asked for anything more. On the ceremony day, Liz was kind enough to provide us with copies of our vows on the day of the wedding, and had a spare hankerchief for me as I cried my eyes out through my vows! And just a couple days later after the wedding we received email from her with USPS tracking that our marriage license had been mailed already! She truly takes care of everything! Thank you again Liz! 🙂