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8 Simple Steps to Changing Your Name After Your Wedding

Congratulations on your marriage!  You have decided that you are going to change your name and are not sure where to begin.  Follow these easy steps and you will be on the right path.  The first 3 steps are in the order they must be completed.  After that, you can work on your name change in nearly any order.

  1. Get a certified copy of your marriage license. The officiant is required to file the license within 10 business days after the wedding (most of us do it the day after).  You can get this copy from the same office where you purchased the license prior to your wedding.  The cost for a certified copy is $10.
  2. With certified copy of the marriage license in hand, go to your nearest Social Security office. They will change your name on your Social Security Card and on their records.  They also notify the IRS of the name change for tax purposes.    This link will give you complete details from Social Security
  3. Once you have your Social Security Card with your new name, and the certified copy of the marriage license you are ready to go to Department of Motor Vehicles to get a new driver’s license or photo ID card. North Carolina requires that you get a new license within 30 days after changing your name. The North Carolina DMV website will give you additional information .
  4. Employers will need to be notified of your new name. This makes certain that they report your tax with holdings under the correct name.  You will also need to change your name on any insurance and retirement accounts through your employer.  The Human Resources office can guide you on their requirements.
  5. Contact your local voter registration office and change your name on your registration. With new voter ID laws taking effect, it is very important that your registration match your ID.  Do not let this one slip through the cracks and make it impossible for you to vote.  If you can’t get your name change completed within the time frame required for changing on your voter registration, you may want to wait and do the legal name change after the election.
  6. Banks or credit unions will need to see your driver’s license and perhaps your marriage license to change your name on your accounts. Each institution will have different requirements.  But, don’t forget to change your name on your accounts.  If you have direct deposit for your paycheck you don’t want something to go wrong on payday!
  7. Change your name on your passport. The rules regarding passports are more complicated than we can go into here.  However, this link is helpful with time frames and links to forms you will need and complete information on how to get this task completed.
  8.  Other businesses and services that will need your correct name:

Insurance company (auto, health, life, home, etc.), Lease on your apartment or mortgage company, Credit Cards, Loans (car, student, other), Professional Organizations, Academic Organizations Magazine subscriptions, Doctors’ Office, Utilities (if they are in your name or you are an authorized user), Investment accounts