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Geeky, Offbeat and Themed Weddings

You want your wedding ceremony to be Dr. Who meets Harry Potter meets Game of Thrones meets Star Wars meets Super Heroes meets Hunger Games? YEAH! We can do that! No idea is too geeky, weird or off beat to be the central theme of your wedding ceremony. So, you want your ceremony to be a mix of all the geeky things you love? We have done weddings where it all flows and blends beautifully regardless of the genre of movie, comics, games, or books. Or, if your love of cars is a vital part of your relationship, we can drive the point home during your ceremony. This blog post explores how to pick and carry out a theme.

Game of Thrones—-We were so fortunate to work on this styled shoot with awesome professionals. This shoot was published by Offbeat Bride. We incorporated all the elements of the many wedding ceremonies in the series (well, except the poisoning and all the stabbings!)

Dr. Who–The hand fasting for Chuck and April’s Dr. Who wedding used a blue bow tie just like out of the series. They used a lot of the language from the River Song wedding throughout the wedding ceremony

Live Action Role Play-—Shane and Meara met at a live action role playing weekend. All the details of their wedding reflected this. Their ceremony also reflected their love of all things geek! Meara designed her gown and had it custom made. She made her cake and all the other details in her wedding!

Halloween –Weddings can be so much fun when everyone is in costume. How many couples get married by a witch?

Steampunk weddings –are a lot of fun. Dressing the part was easy and fun. This couple used unique elements in their ceremony.