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MultiCultural and InterFaith Ceremonies

You want to combine your cultural histories into your ceremony to honor your family background while keeping the ceremony to truly reflect your love and relationship.    We will work with you to reflect your multi-cultural relationship, placing the traditions, readings, and rituals that are meaningful to you. We develop your ceremony to reflect your history, your relationship and love in culturally appropriate traditions and rituals.

You want to merge your two different faiths, honoring each of them equally.  Together we decide on the values and beliefs that you want to honor.  Then, we write your ceremony to reflect each faith tradition equally, respectfully and without holding one above the other.

Scottish Wedding ritual of sharing of the Quaich

Scottish  Jodi and Alan incorporated many different Scottish elements in their ceremony. He wrapped her in the tartan of his clan to welcome her into the clan. We included handfasting, oathing stone, quaich and the tartan in their ceremony.

flowers on multilevel tree stumps with Norse elements for a wedding altar

Norse Ceremony  This Norse wedding included a Water Blessing Bowl which was used to bless the wedding rings.“It was the custom of the ancient Norse for the couple to share mead each day, beginning on their wedding day, for the first month of their union. Hence, the term honeymoon. The ceremony we are about to do is also the beginning of the tradition of the “toast”. Today, Michelle and John will share their first drink of mead in that tradition”

Hindu  One element of Vinnie’s Indian heritage is a wedding tradition that goes back thousands of years. It is called “Saptapadi” or in English “The Seven Steps”. It is known to be the most meaningful part of an Indian wedding and often referred to as the most beautiful as well. Vinnie and Saskia will link pinkies and take seven steps around the Sacred Fire as I recite the Seven Blessings or vows for a strong union. By walking around the fire they are agreeing to these.

Couple at a Persian wedding with sugar cones being rubbed overhead while she reads from the Koran

Persian  Drew and Bita included many Persian wedding customs in their ceremony. The wedding table was filled with elements to bless their marriage, they were presented with gifts from family and friends, the women of the family blessed them as they read from the Quran.

Pagan Couple share mead at their wedding
Samesex couple on the shore of Belews Lake at Bella Collina mansion
Philipino Wedding traditions at Graylyn Estates