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Erin and Michael

Liz is wonderful. The ceremony she wrote for us was beyond perfect. She was able to capture moments and personalize our ceremony so our guests could really know us as a couple. I had a unique idea for our unity ceremony and the words she wrote regarding my choices for our unity ceremony was perfect. I couldn’t have come up with anything better. Liz works with you on every aspect of the ceremony. I love that we had the final say in what was written and said. If we weren’t feeling an idea we could just take it out. Liz and Jac are worth every penny!

Charmaine and Michael

Liz officiated our ceremony on 09/05/2020 at Bella Collina and was nothing short of a pleasure to work with! Her and her husband Jac make an incredible team! Prior to officiating our ceremony, my husband and I purchased a package with Liz and Jac that included marriage education curriculum and sessions that Liz and Jac held via Zoom. We really loved doing the curriculum and it was a joy spending those Zoom sessions with them! Throughout the sessions, I didn’t realize Liz was copiously taking notes of all the stories were were telling her of our relationship and when we ultimately received the ceremony draft we were blown away by how detailed her recollection was – and how she had incorporated many of the stories and details we told her during those sessions into the ceremony draft. Her draft was written as if she had known us for years and was so beautifully tailored to us – I could have asked for anything more. On the ceremony day, Liz was kind enough to provide us with copies of our vows on the day of the wedding, and had a spare hankerchief for me as I cried my eyes out through my vows! And just a couple days later after the wedding we received email from her with USPS tracking that our marriage license had been mailed already! She truly takes care of everything! Thank you again Liz! 🙂

John and Laine

A breath of fresh air

My wife and I were married in 2020, the year of the dumpster fire. Planning our wedding was extremely difficult with MANY limitations and hoops to jump through. The last thing we needed was more friction when it came to an officiant and ceremony. Lucky for us, we found Liz and Jac, the silver lining in our planning process. They both exude professionalism and took the time to make sure we were happy and settled. We took some counseling with them before the big day and it honestly felt like sitting down with old friends. They are warm and caring people that take the time to learn you as a person and not a just a client.

My wife and I have different religious views and we thought this would be a huge conflict as far as the ceremony was concerned. NOT THE CASE! From the moment we started planning with All Faith’s, we felt like we were heard and a beautiful plan and compromise was put in place to meet both of our expectations.

Liz was punctual and not intrusive, she was upbeat and took charge and she is delight to be around. The big day came and Liz not only married the hell out of us but she did it with class and elegance.

If you have been looking around and feel like you are on the fence, let me push you over. This is the last piece of the puzzle that you have been searching for.

We are so happy with our choice and with the friends that we have made with this beautiful couple and amazing business.

Thank you Liz and Jac

Ally and Benjamin

Liz & Jac were so wonderful to work and we were so happy with how our ceremony turned out. We received many compliments on how beautiful it was. We were really appreciative of the hard work Liz & Jac put into making our cerrmony everything we imagined! Thank you so much!

Jessica and Johnathan

Talking to both Jac and Liz was a pleasure and they took care of our unique ceremony needs. Jac did a wonderful job at entertaining my guests and helped bridge the gap between different religions, something that is always an incredibly delicate task!

Tonia and Monica

Working with Liz was the best decision I made and trust me I checked into alot of officiant’s and read alot of reviews. Yes, they are a little more pricey but again you are paying for what you get and what you get is individual attention and custom details that you will not find any where else. We had guest telling us that our ceremony was the most beautiful one they had every attended. Liz answered every question promptly and in detail. She even gave us a complete copy of our ceremony, word for word what was said that day, something we will cherish forever! Every vendor I picked for our wedding I did alot or research and read alot of reviews. She was at our wedding one hour early, that took alot of stress out of worrying if she would be late. I just can not say enough about this company! Thank you for making our day amazing!

Audra and Chris

Liz was a perfect match for us!

We absolutely could not have chosen someone better to perform our wedding ceremony and we are so glad that we found Liz! I met them at a wedding show many months before we decided to have her as our officiant, and even though we waited until last minute to spring our requests on her Liz wrote the most lovely speech for our wedding. We chose to have a hand fasting ceremony which was beautiful and memorable, Liz also provided us with ideas to be able to include our family and children in our ceremony as well which was so perfect for us. Thank you so much for helping us make these wonderful memories of our wedding day!

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Robby and Cole

We cannot recommend All Faiths enough… and 5 stars seems like a really low rating when I wish we could give them the countless stars from the heavens above. They were phenomenal and simply out of this world. We are eternally grateful for the job they did to make our wedding so much more than just an event. I cannot imagine doing or going to a wedding with anyone else officiating. We will recommend All Faiths to all we know planning on getting hitched. They are amazing people who we are deeply blessed to have met and shared our special day with. They made all the difference. They have left us with a lifetime memory that will be forever with us in our hearts and minds. Thank You Jac and Liz. We love you both dearly.

I met Jac and Liz at a wedding showcase at Castle McCulloch. Half hearted, I asked if they did same-sex weddings. We were having trouble finding officiants who did. We had really given up searching when we met All Faiths. Liz was quick to respond with business cards, and promos and their booth displayed all types of loving weddings. Of course they did. Love is Love and it was presented that way. Almost to the point I didn’t even notice the difference. There was no need to separate us into categories or label us with big pride rainbows… Love is love, and thats all that mattered. My mind was blown when she pointed out all the the same-sex wedding photos. We knew right away that we wanted All Faiths to do our wedding.

After setting up an appointment, we instantly fell in love with them. They were so friendly, and they welcomed us with open arms and open hearts. They have a passion for helping couples tie the knot and know its more than an event or piece of paper… Marriage is a living, breathing thing that requires constant love and care, support and nourishment. They are two of the most beautiful human beings that we have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was almost like meeting a dear friend whose been away along time, or meeting a family member you didn’t know you had… We felt a deep connection with them almost instantly…

All the guests, family, friends, well-wishers and the like… all disappear into the background when it comes time to make your vows. Its just you, your partner and Jac and/or Liz. They were no strangers to us and it made the moment so much more meaningful than some stranger reciting words from a book. They took the time to get to know us, to create a ceremony that fit us… that best represented our love and who we are, etc. Wedding days are almost always hectic, stressful with things rarely going as planned. However, our ceremony with them was like standing on a big rock in the middle of a raging river. A bubble, so to speak. It was comfortable and safe and nothing else mattered. It was a really personal, meaningful experience that we got to share with them and them with us. They have literally changed our lives forever and will remember them for the rest of our lives. Fancy flowers, expensive dresses, suits and matching clothes. Decorations and ideal locations are all well and good… but you will remember standing there… looking your partner in their eyes and you know that Jac and Liz are going to guide you through it all as meaningful and as painless as possible. We think the world of them and we hope that you will consider them for your wedding… Meeting them and hiring them was the wedding decision we ever made. And as for weddings go… it was the most important among them all.

Valerie and Kai

Liz is amazing and a very special person.

We needed to be married due to an out of the blue, stage 4, cancer diagnosis with my husband. We had been together for 10 years but through the eyes of the court we weren’t legal. Liz jumped in short notice and we pulled off a special and touching ceremony. Liz was there for us during the trying time and has offered her support even after. I highly recommend Liz.

Michelle and Michael

A truly amazing and personalized experience. Jac & Liz took the time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple. They are just lovely people and wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Callie and Austen

Jac and Liz made everything a dream come true! They were SUPER easy to work with, supportive and were there every step of the way to help us create the perfect ceremony. Definitely would give them 10 stars if I could!

Nina and Grygorii

Liz did a fantastic job with our ceremony! We received so many compliments, how it was beautiful and intimate and focused on our love story. So many guests kept saying that ours was one of the best weddings that they’d been to. Liz made everything so simple and easy, and even the rehearsal experience was so smooth and stress free! My wedding party kept saying that they were impressed with how organized she was. I highly recommend!!

Morgan and Dustin
Jac and Liz were great to work with! They answered all of our questions promptly and made sure our ceremony was exactly what we wanted. They had great ideas of ways to incorporate honoring our families and how to tell our love story leading up to our wedding day. Everything was perfect and we would highly recommend them to any couple!
Meg and Tyler

Jac and Liz were awesome to work with! They were always responsive via email and they asked all the right questions to learn more about the history of my relationship with my fiancé. Several guests asked me after the wedding if I had known Jac for a very long time due to the personal nature of his words. I would 100% recommend Jac and Liz to anyone looking for a wedding officiant!

Megan and Justin

We found Liz and Jac through another vendor of ours who recommended them. We couldn’t be happier with them! We elected to do the pre-marital counseling, which allowed us to get to know both of them before our wedding. This made it feel like it was more like a friend marrying us than someone we had met only months before. Both Liz and Jac are warm, welcoming, and extremely easy to work with. Jac ended up officiating our ceremony, as well as give a pre-dinner blessing. We had multiple guests comment on our ceremony and talked about how much they enjoyed not only our wedding, but speaking to Jac as well.

Alice and Taylor

Jac officiated for us in March and it was a lovely ceremony. We were looking for LGBT-friendly officiants in the triad/triangle area, and a friend recommended Liz and Jac. My wife and I wanted a short, no-frills ceremony that still felt personal and special, and Jac delivered! Thank you both for being a part of our special day.

Tess and Evan

My husband and I contacted Liz and Jac about a month prior to our wedding. Our initial hope was to have my father-in-law perform the ceremony; however, NC laws are murky when it comes to online-ordained officiants, and we realized late in the game that we needed to find a legal officiant asap. Liz and Jac could not have been nicer or more accommodating, despite our short time frame. When we met with Liz and Jac, we immediately felt at ease. We reviewed every option available– and there are so many options to fit any style wedding– and found the perfect ceremony for us. Jac performed our ceremony and, in addition to Evan and myself, the guests have not stopped commenting on just how beautiful, touching, and sentimental it was. It was the perfect amount of tears, cheers, and laughs. I feel that Liz and Jac really got to know us and pulled together a ceremony that was performed like Jac had known us for years. We will forever be grateful that you were part of making our wedding day so memorable.

Samantha and Sara

Jac and Liz did an absolutely amazing job! They helped us make the ceremony a personal, beautiful experience that my wife and I will remember for the rest of our lives. Our theme was Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings/books, as my now wife and I first bonded over our love of reading. Jac and Liz were excited to bring our vision to life!They accommodated our desires and made suggestions that we loved. Absolutely gorgeous!

Janine and Scott

When we were looking for an officiant, we wanted someone that did religious and non-religious ceremonies. We knew we didn’t want an overly religious ceremony and it was hard to find someone that met our needs. Look no further, Rev. Liz Grimes was amazing to work with from the day we first met her for a consultation up until our wedding day. You can tell how passionate she is about her job. She is able to do a non-religious ceremony, a religious ceremony, or a combination (which is what we did). She completely customizes it to whatever your vision is. She enjoys getting to know you as a couple by figuring out what your core values are and what made you fall in love in the first place! She has so many options/ideas that you can include in the ceremony as well — we honored our mothers with yellow roses and also did a wine time capsule. She is great about staying in touch throughout the time you’re planning your wedding and is always available for questions. She truly customized our ceremony to how we wanted it and we couldn’t have been more happy. We actually received SEVERAL compliments after our wedding ceremony saying how much they enjoyed her and that it was the best wedding ceremony that they had ever been to! After the ceremony she even gave us a binder with our wedding ceremony typed out so we can always look back and read it. We HIGHLY recommend Rev. Liz Grimes! Thank you so much!

Megan and Justin

We found Liz and Jac through another vendor of ours who recommended them. We couldn’t be happier with them! We elected to do the pre-marital counseling, which allowed us to get to know both of them before our wedding. This made it feel like it was more like a friend marrying us than someone we had met only months before. Both Liz and Jac are warm, welcoming, and extremely easy to work with. Jac ended up officiating our ceremony, as well as give a pre-dinner blessing. We had multiple guests comment on our ceremony and talked about how much they enjoyed not only our wedding, but speaking to Jac as well.

Roberta and Robert

We are so glad we found Liz and Jac! They were wonderful and supportive to work with during our premarital counseling. They have so much experience working with couples and bring just the right amount of humor into the mix! We ultimately chose to have Liz perform our ceremony, and she provided invaluable guidance for writing our own vows and adding in some personal touches. We got so many compliments from our wedding guests on the ceremony, our vows, and our officiant!

Misha and Seth

Liz and Jac are simply THE BEST! Since our wedding, our family and friends have brought up how perfect our ceremony was on MANY occasions. Both Liz and Jac will make the effort to truly get to know you and your partner and will create the most intimate ceremony for you with your guidance, of course. Could not have dreamed of a better ceremony! Thank you Liz!

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Allen and Jenn

Best Officiant & Marriage Counselors in the Triad!

We LOVED working with Jac and Liz for our wedding! They completely understood what we wanted and helped us make our ceremony 100% true to us. They were great about responding to email and kept us in the loop throughout the whole process. This was one of the best wedding-related decisions we made.

Carly and Nick

Absolutely perfect!

I first met Jac and Liz at a wedding show, and immediately Liz and I hit it off! They were both so kind, helpful, and very unique individuals. They have an extremely welcoming presence, that you truly notice right away. Plus… Jac had this seriously epic House Targaryen sigil ring that definitely let me know these were my kind of quirky people.

Along with their amazing energy, I could not speak highly enough of their professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to truly understand you and your partner. When we met for our meeting to discuss what we wanted out of our ceremony, it was very evident that choosing between the two of them for the ceremony was going to be an impossible task! They both ask questions that really allow you to explore the different emotions you want to evoke within the ceremony, and also allowed us to analyze our relationship on a deeper level. In the end, we left the choice up to change — by flipping a coin, and the coin chose Jac!

We were having a Lord of the Rings inspired ceremony, and Jac really amplified that in the best way. He was able to capture the different personalities my husband and I have, and put that into the ceremony. Along with the most spot on wording and quotes! From the wording of our ceremony when we received it, we could tell we made the best possible decision choosing All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad. So much effort was put into capturing us as a couple and the ceremony could not have been more perfect.

Jac & Liz are so responsive with questions, sending out helpful information, and tweaking anything you may see fit. Throughout our entire wedding planning process, we could truly lean on them for help and guidance with every element of the ceremony. They are truly exceptional human beings and amazing vendors to work with. We’re so glad we chose them for our wedding! They really make you feel a part of their family.

You could not pick better people to work with for your wedding! We are so grateful to the both of them for making our day what it is was.

Pam and Grey

We hired Liz Grimes pretty late in the game. With little research we had planned on having a friend officiate our wedding.. later found out that it would be risky and/or not legal. In panic mode 2 months before our wedding (Whoops!) we started searching for an officiant in Greensboro. To our luck we came across Liz. She was very understanding of our situation and eager to help us make our day the wedding of our dreams. We met with her and filled out her questionnaires to form our perfect ceremony. The way she brought in everything we asked and incorporated all the personal details she learned about us into the ceremony was amazing. All in a very short time period too!

Whether you are just starting the planning process OR in a time crunch like we were, I recommend setting up a call with Liz. She was very professional, flexible, and very responsive in emails and calls. We were so glad to have her officiate our wedding and are still getting compliments on how great our ceremony was!

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Ashley and Erin

We found Liz and Jac Grimes via an internet search for officiants in the triad.

Their website is easy to use and full of information, it really helped us plan our ceremony, vows, and provided great information on what to do after the ceremony. It was easy to get in contact with Liz and Jac, and after a quick phone call we set up a consultation to meet with them in person.

The consultation was so helpful and I definitely recommend having one and meeting with Liz and Jac in person, as it really helps them to get to know you, and you to know them. It was easy to schedule, and we really enjoyed speaking to them about our ceremony.

After the consultation they got us set up with an account right away. Payment was easy and their plans are flexible. The system they use is very efficient and it was so easy to keep in touch with them the entire process. They both answered emails very quickly, and provided a schedule of what items were due at specific times with reminders.

Liz was very helpful in providing vow guidance and provided some examples we could look at. She wrote an amazing piece for the ceremony that encompassed our story, and provided quotes/elements that spoke to our beliefs. It was truly custom made – we are so grateful!

The rehearsal with Liz was great as it put us at ease knowing how the ceremony would flow, and what we needed to do. She even provided some recommendations we haven’t thought about regarding walking in, stances for photos, etc.

The ceremony was so amazing. Liz did a fantastic job of making our day special, speaking clearly and professionally, and involving our family during the ceremony. It was great to have her and Jac at the reception with the rest of our family. We would recommend Liz and Jac at All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad to anyone in the area, you will definitely have a great experience!

-Ashley and Erin

Donita and David

Rev Liz Grimes did an amazing job as our officiant for our wedding on May 28, 2017. She and Jack were awesome to work with from beginning to end. From the initial day we contacted them, they made the process seamless and really asked questions to understand what we wanted for our special day. The ceremony that Rev Liz wrote was us was perfect and we did have to much of anything from her original recommendation. She was so helpful during our rehearsal and the ceremony!! If we did it over again we would choose Liz and Jack!!! 🙂

Sophia and Martin

Absolutely thrilled with the service!

We had a brief Skype interview, and was shocked at all the little details they incorporated into the ceremony. We had a surprise for our guests and they went above and beyond to make sure it went off without a hitch. They even bought an outfit to fit the occasion!

We felt that our beliefs were respected and all our requests fulfilled. I recommend them wholeheartedly for a fun (and hopefully little nerdy) wedding!

Wedding 8-25-18

Paul and Christina

If you are wanting a more personalized wedding, I would absolutely recommend Jac and Liz. Although they do the most traditional of weddings, They are absolutely amazing making the ceremony personally suited for you as a couple.. I am tearing up thinking about how amazing of a job they did with making our ceremony perfect. So, I don’t even know where to begin.Jac and Liz do an absolutely amazing job …

Doug and Tamika

“Thanks Rev. Jac! You were very accommodating given our numerous unusual requests. You took the time to understand our needs and customized our ceremony flawlessly. Both yours and Liz’s participation made our experience truly unique and exceeded all of our expectations. We are glad you accepted the “Assignment” and with your help the “Mission” was a success! We highly recommend you both to anyone seeking an officiant; regardless of their faith or specific circumstances.”

Kathleen and Sam

Jac and Liz are two incredible people. We choose them to be our officiant based off of a recommendation from our venue, and we are so thankful we did! From the first day I spoke to Liz on the phone, I knew they were it because we just clicked. We went and met them at their home, and we just loved how much we enjoyed talking with them, about what we envisioned for our day. They explained their process and told us about the different options they offered. We chose the prepare and enrich program, which is a questionnaire for you and your partner you answer separately. When you meet with Jac and Liz they analyze the results with you and essentially it helps you be a better you together. Our ceremony was beyond perfect! Our ceremony was eloquently written, and the words really embodied Sam and I’s relationship and goals. We really enjoyed all of conversations with them over the last year, we are so thankful we had Jac for our special day! And as a plus they have an adorable dog named Pal, who really steals your heart while your getting to know Jac and Liz! Send them a message, I promise you won’t regret it!

Wedding 5-26-18

Paola and Taylor

I was always the kind of bride that thought I wouldn’t cry on my wedding day. My husband was the same way, to our surprise, we both did. Looking back to that day, my husband and I know our ceremony was the most perfect part of that night. Jac took every little detail from our lives and made the most beautiful ceremony. He made it ours! My friends and family saw the last 4 years and our future reflected in each word, and so did we. Jac made us our own unity ceremony and we know no one could’ve done this for us but him. Everything was perfect! Those 30 minutes remind you why you fell in love, why you want to be with your special other for the rest of your life and it may also remind you, you’re a Disney freak but that’s alright when you’re surrounded by people who love you. THIS WOULD’VE NEVER BEEN OUR CEREMONY WITHOUT YOU, JAC. THANK YOU! ?

Wedding 3-25-18

Shelby and Carol

From the start to the closing of our ceremony, All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Traid made us feel right at home. Liz shared and wrote our love story out in a way that everyone felt how much this day meant to us. I could not be more thankful for the beautiful ceremony we had.

Wedding 4-7-18

Kayla and Nick

Best officiants you will ever find!! My husband and I really enjoyed our time with Jac & Liz. They are very kind & personable! They made our wedding experience just what we had imagined and more! HIGHLY recommended!

Wedding 8-19-17

Brieann and Sage

We had Liz officiate our ceremony and she was nothing but AMAZING! We received so many compliments from our guests letting us know that they had never heard a ceremony as personalized as ours. We were also told that they had never seen so many people crying during a ceremony either. It’s the personal touches like that, that made our ceremony so special. Communicating with Jac and Liz was flawless as well. We met with them over Skype and did everything else through e-mails, so it was super convenient. If you’re looking for an officiant in the Triad area, we highly recommend All Faiths Wedding Officiants!

Wedding 7-9-17

Emily and Andy

Liz was amazing! We had some small problems that happened prior to the wedding that she was able to fix and reassure us that everything would be just fine. Not only was our ceremony beautiful, but professional and fun! I couldn’t have asked for a better officiant to work with!

Wedding 9-9-17

Bita and Drew

The planning of our wedding was very overwhelming. We did not know who, what, when or how everything was going to happen. We were referred to the Grimes by Stacy Street of the Wier Jordan house. We had a mix of Persian and southern American tradition in our ceremony. This was not a easy task to pull off. Liz and Jac Grimes came up with many great ideas that worked perfectly to make a beautiful wedding. They are loving and caring people that made us feel like part of the family. They are very professional and always responded quick. They are experienced and know what it takes to make this very important day feel perfect. We recommend them to anyone that is planning a unique or different just as well traditional wedding.

Wedding  9-22-17

Jodi and Alan

Liz and Jac Grimes are, in fact, the best! Liz did a great job officiating our wedding and helping us develop our vows. We had a Scottish-themed wedding from hand-fasting, a quaich, and an oathing stone right down to kilts in the family tartan. Liz walked with us step by step to craft vows that were personal and honored these ancient traditions. Both she and Jac invited us into their home for pre-wedding sessions devoted to understanding the strengths and weaknesses my wife and I would be bringing to the marriage. They are quite knowledgeable about the ingredients for a long-lasting marriage and these sessions were a great way to start our marriage well informed. Months later, our wedding guests are still commenting on how beautiful the ceremony was and what a great job Liz did as officiant. Do yourself a favor and get Liz to help you with this important event.

Wedding 10-28-17

Stephanie and Brian

Liz and Jac Grimes are the best! I am so glad we chose to hire them for our special day!! They take the time to meet with you and get to know you before writing the ceremony so it is truly one of a kind. People are still talking about how lovely and personalized our ceremony was. You will not regret having Liz or Jac as your wedding officiant.

Wedding 3-31-18

Sequincey and Kelly Jo

We were so nervous about our wedding day. We wanted something simple yet special for just our family. All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad delivered exactly that. Jac made the day so special. The service itself was considered an elopement but it was so much more than that. He truly made my special day more special than I could have imagined and helped make a very dear memory for myself and our family. I highly recommend All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad. They are very professional and work closely with you to make your day everything you had hoped it would be. They will work to create a ceremony that is tailored to your love story.

Wedding 4-1-18

William and Kimberly

Liz was simply amazing! She was there for us every step of the way, even working around our busy work schedules. We were both so impressed by her dedication and professionalism. We wanted our wedding to include traditional elements but also incorporate certain British customs as well — and Liz nailed it! Not only did she write the perfect ceremony, but she’s always available for quick questions and even provides great resources for things such as how to write your own vows. So many of our guests complimented Liz on the beautiful ceremony and we couldn’t agree more! We will be recommending Liz and Jac to all our friends and family!

Wedding 5/5/18

Angela and Brandon

Liz and Jac were absolutely phenomenal! Every guest I spoke to afterward said the ceremony was the best part of the wedding, even better than an open bar. From the initial “get to know you” meeting through the ceremony they were incredibly responsive, adaptive, and fun. They wrote a beautiful ceremony that matched our geeky personalities quite well. They suggested the bride walk herself down the aisle which was perfect. They helped us with the oathing stone, chords, and so many other details that helped make the ceremony uniquely ours.

Wedding 5-13-18

Joey and Chelsea

To any couple our there looking for someone to officiate their wedding, we could not recommend Jac and Liz enough. They take the time to actually get to know each of their couples which allows for them to tailor their ceremonies. Your wedding is, after all, about you as a couple, so why would you want a boring, mass-produced wedding ceremony? Their website is full of readings and other resources so that each couple can find what speaks to them. Jac and Liz were both on-hand for our rehearsal and offered several suggestions to make our ceremony both run more smoothly and to include personal touches that helped tell our love story. We have been inundated with compliments about our wedding, and all of our family and friends have raved about the ceremony Jac and Liz wrote for us. Help to ensure your day is perfect, and contact Jac and Liz at All Faiths Wedding Officiants of the Triad!

Wedding 6-16-18

Anne and David

Anne said… 
My husband and I got married in July of 2018, and planned our wedding with the help of Jac and Liz Grimes. They were kind and easy to work with, available when needed, and helped us develop the exact wedding we had hoped for. We communicated by phone and e mail, and always had a clear understanding of where we were in the process, and what was left to be completed. After the wedding, we received a lovely certificate and a copy of everything that was said during our ceremony. Additionally, as promised, within a few days of our ceremony, we had all the paperwork and documentation we needed to get our marriage certificate. It was so simple!We were extremely pleased with every interaction we had, and would highly recommend Jac and Liz to anyone planning a wedding.

Wedding: 07/20/2018
Caleb and Suzanne

Jac did a wonderful job at making our wedding truly reflective of us. Our ceremony was absolutely beautiful and hilarious (exactly what we were looking for!), and there was not a dry eye in the room. They were very helpful at capturing what we wanted our ceremony to be, and turning in into a time that we will never forget. I would absolutely recommend All Faiths for anyone looking for a custom ceremony, performed by an experienced, affordable officiant.