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Jennifer and John

Jennifer and John would not allow a hurricane to dampen their love! Their wedding included many beautiful elements representing their love of family and one another. Their vows were written and kept private until spoken during the ceremony. They included a reading which was read by a very special friend.They did not include a unity ceremony.


Video courtesy of Point 200

Pammy and Grey

Pammy and Grey’s wedding at Summerfield Farms included many personalized elements.  Rather than share their personal vows during the ceremony, they opted to read them to one another in a private moment prior to the ceremony.  Their Christian ceremony included honoring their mothers, prayers, scripture and the Unity Cross.


Video courtesy of Point 200

Red White and I Do  Fun 4th Weddings

On July 4, 2019 we worked with an incredible team of professionals to provide 9 couples a fun wedding ceremony on the streets of Greensboro NC. Everything was provided for them, except the clothing.  Each ceremony had unique elements that were just right for the couple. Due to the short nature of each ceremony, we were able to include short readings based on information they provided and left room for them to share their personal vows.

Video courtesy of HoneyDew Films

Megan and Justin

Megan and Justin shared their vows this March at Winmock at Kinderton.  They wanted a secular ceremony with the focus on their love and values. Their interest in travel, hiking and  sports brought them together and were in an important part of the ceremony. They included words of memory for loved ones who could not be present for the ceremony. In addition to an Einstein reading the ceremony included words from Robert Fulghum.


Video courtesy of Point 200

Wonderland Wedding Photo Shoot

We had the honor to work with a team of incredible professionals to design an show case many different talents. The theme was Wonderland Tea Party based on Alice in Wonderland. we wrote a custom ceremony to use for this event. We brought in quotes from Alice in Wonderland. We use the theme of growth and change from the story and how that is like he growth and change that occurs in a marriage. We even custom wrote a tea sharing unity ceremony.

Video courtesy of Jared Cook Video

Mary and James

Mary and James were married at Heritage Hills in a beautiful custom written ceremony.  They honored loved ones who could not be present as well as recognizing the love of their mothers.  While the ceremony was focused on their love and interest, they included some cultural elements as well.  A Celtic hand fasting was the central point where they shared their vows. They closed the ceremony with words of wisdom from all the geeky and nerdy characters they love.

Video courtesy of Happy Tears Video

Kently & David

Kently & David had a simple Basic Ceremony at the Arboretum in Greensboro, NC. They customized their ceremony by writing their own vows and including elements of David’s Hebrew faith including The Sheva Brachot or seven blessings, sharing a cup of wine and breaking the glass.


Video courtesy of HoneyDew Films

Game of Thrones Style Shoot

We were lucky to get to work  with incredible professionals for this styled shoot.  We wrote a ceremony that incorporated all the elements from the 7 weddings in the series-well except for the Red and Purple Weddings!  You can see from this video many ways to highlight your theme.

Video courtesy of Candi Leonard Photography

Meghan and Luke

Meghan and Luke chose a completely secular ceremony which focused on their love and relationship. They included loving memorial words for family members and loved ones who could not be present for the ceremony. They opted to not include any unity ceremony for their special day.

Video Courtesy of HoneyDew Films

Sydney and Jordan

Sydney and Jordan shared their vows on the shores of their favorite lake. Their ceremony reflected their love of the water, referencing things you can learn from water and their dreams to bring their children here. Their ceremony included scriptures, words of love to their mothers, words of memory for those who could not be present, as well as a hand fasting.

Video Courtesy of Jeff Brewer Films

Xinyu and Xiaoning

Xinyu and Xiaoning chose a Secular Basic Ceremony which focused on their love and relationship. They wanted to let their families from China experience a traditional western wedding. They got married at the beautiful Proximity Hotel who put together a first class team of wedding professionals to meet their tight timeline. They did not include a unity ceremony.

Video courtesy of HoneyDew Films

Katherine and Johnathan

Katherine and Johnathan had a fully customized Premium Ceremony with a spiritual feel. They included a special ceremony honoring their mothers and memorial words for Katherine’s father. As Johnathan was active military they included elements honoring the men and women that serve our country and included a sand blending unity ceremony.

Video courtesy of Happy Tears Video

Taylor and Douglas

Taylor and Douglas had a fully customized Premium Ceremony with a spiritual feel. They included a special ceremony honoring their mothers. They wrote their own vows and shared those for the first time on their wedding day. They opted not to have a unity ceremony.

Video courtesy of the couple

Jordan and Tyler

Jordan and Tyler chose a spiritual Basic Ceremony at Rosa Lee Manor. They then personalized it with selected readings which reflected their wishes for their marriage. They chose their vows from an extensive list we provided. The inclusion of a sand blending ceremony made it uniquely theirs

Video courtesy of Happy Tears Video

Marilyn and Cheryl

Marilyn and Cheryl chose a Christian Basic Ceremony. They personalized it with their choice of scriptures and readings. They chose vows from the list we provided. While they wanted to do a unity candle as part of the ceremony, and we were prepared to do so, the wind prohibited it.

Video courtesy of guests

H’Nong and Willis

H’Nong and Willis’ had a ceremony that incorporated parts of their shared Vietnamese heritage including the importance of blessings by their families and friends. They ended with a water blending unity ceremony.  The ceremony starts at 3:12.

Video is courtesy Video Machine Productions.

Carrie and Lynette

Carrie and Lynette had a traditional Pagan Hand-fasting in a local Greensboro Park. The hand fasting was customized to utilize the 7 colors of the Rainbow flag to honor their same sex relationship. The couple included Carrie’s son  by allowing him to wrap the hand fasting cords. Liz wore her Rainbow stole.

Video courtesy of guests

Meg and Tyler

Meg and Tyler honored their love of horticulture with at Paul Ciener Botanical Gardens. Readings included Sheryl Paul’s blog “Love is a Garden” a well as a quote from David Attenborough. They wrote their own vows to reflect their love and promises.  They ended the ceremony with a butterfly release to celebrate their love and represent the transformation their lives go through..

Video courtesy Happy Tears Video